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A device for the release of a substance at a defined or desired location in the alimentary tract. The device has a capsule having a separating wall therein, which forms a first chamber and a second chamber in the capsule. A hole is present in the wall of the first chamber. A compression spring, that is in a compressed state, is affixed to a body located in the second chamber. A needle is mounted on the compression spring facing the separation wall. A resonant circuit, in the second chamber, is tuned to an electromagnetic field of high frequency. The resonant circuit has a coupling coil, positioned around the body, a capacitor, connected to the other end of the coil and extending away from the first chamber, and a resistance wire, attached to the coupling coil and the capacitor. A fuse wire is connected to the compression spring, extends through the longitudinal passageway of the body and is connected to the body end facing away from the first chamber. The fuse wire contacts the resistance wire. A balloon in the expanded state is positioned in the first chamber. When the device is subjected to an external electromagnetic field having the high frequency to which the resonant circuit is tuned, the fuse wire heats up and breaks. The compressed spring is released pushing the point of the needle through the separating wall and the balloon, which bursts releasing any substance contained in the first chamber.

Device for the release of substances at defined locations in the alimentary tract
Application Number
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December 2, 1981
Publication Date
January 10, 1984
Otto Schuster
Bad Soden
Berhhard Hugemann
Frankfurt am Main
Fisher Christen & Sabol
Battelle Institut e V
A61M 31/00
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