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In a garden hand tool for loosening, cutting and crumbling garden soil or the like, comprising freely rotatable prong arrangements (17) in star-like formation which are arranged to face one another to form a "V" and the edges of which intersect one another because of the interengagement of the prong arrangements (17), thus forming cutting locations, these prong arrangements (17) are freely rotatably mounted on a bearing sleeve (12) and attached to a central axle (11) by means of a central aperture (12a). Between each bearing sleeve (12) which is slipped on the axle (11), a guide bearing (13) is also slipped over and clamped to the end of the axle (11) by an end bearing (14) and a nut (15). In such a case, the central apertures (12a) formed in the bearing sleeves (12) are disposed at an acute angle (at an inclination ) relative to the external bearing surface so as to correspond to the inclined position of the prong arrangements (17). A reinforcing plate (22) is mounted in the center of the axle (11), and an intermediate guide bearing (10a) is formed around the reinforcing plate (22), the guide bearing (10a) being made of plastics material and leads to a shaft socket (20) for accommodating a shaft (10).

Hand tool with intersecting pronged wheels
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December 7, 1981
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January 10, 1984
Dieter Westerwelle
Markusstrasse 9, 4800 Bielefeld
Manfred vom Braucke
Telgenbrink 105, 4800 Bielefeld
Hans vom Braucke
Karlstrasse 27, 4973 Vlotho
A01B 1/06
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