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A light weight and convenient universal article case or carrier for transporting mobile communication equipment, or the like, on one's person is disclosed. The case is formed by initially fabricating two flexible tape strap lengths into a T-shaped member. Proximal and distal ends of vertical and horizontal components of the T-shaped member selectively carry complementary hook and pile fastening surfaces which enable the ends to interface with one another to provide an interconnection and which thereby results in the universal article case disclosed herein.

The interconnection formed by a novel placement of the hook and pile fastening surfaces of the proximal and distal ends of the T-member resists separation by shearing forces at their respective planes of engagement, but nevertheless, can be easily separated in response to a peeling force normal to the plane of engagement.

Universal carrying case
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November 25, 1981
Publication Date
December 13, 1983
Steven J DiIenno
6040 Lindbergh Blvd., Philadelphia, 19103
Benasutti and Murray
A45F 5/00
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