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A patient medication use compliance aid which enables the users to readily ascertain the time at which they took a previous dose of medication. A time keeping device is incorporated into a typical container for medicinal products without the need for complicated container construction or complex mechanical parts or expensive electronic circuitry. The time keeping device displays the time and day of the week when the container was last opened by the patient-user and continues to display the same, even after closing of the container, to serve as a reminder. The time keeping device may also be provided with settable alarms to visually or audibly alert the patient as to when the next dose is to be taken. The compliance aid device can be conveniently provided as a separate element or as part of the cap or cover of a container so that it may be adapted for use with standard containers and need not be integral with or part of a medication container as such but rather can be utilized as a reusable item with fresh containers.

Device for indicating last medication usage
Application Number
Publication Number
Application Date
July 2, 1982
Publication Date
December 6, 1983
Bart J Zoltan
Old Tappan
Alphonse R Noe
American Cyanamid Company
G04B 47/00
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