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An apparatus for use with merchandise bearing an optically readable code, including a portable wand reader which transmits a coded infrared signal to a stationary receiving/transmitting unit coupled to a data processor, which in turn emits a signal for transmission back to the wand so that it can be checked against the original signal in order to detect communication errors. A number of physically separated receiving/transmitting units may be coupled to the data processor in order to permit the wand to be used within a large region or in order to permit a number of wands to be used simultaneously.

A keyboard may be coupled to the wand for use with non-coded data, as when the price marked on the merchandise is verified.

Apparatus for collecting, transmitting and processing data stored in code, preferably in bar code
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November 18, 1981
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November 29, 1983
Hartmut Bernot
Schmeilweg 3, 6900 Heidelberg, Staatsange
Hartmut Tremmel
In der Kappisau 4, 6921 Sinsheim, Staatsange
Staas & Halsey
G06K 7/10
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