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A surgical cuff for introduction into a body passage such as a trachea of a surgical fluid such as an anesthetic comprises a tubular base member with an imperforate inflatable tubular inner cuff member encircling the tubular base member and a distensible tubular outer cuff member encircling the inner cuff member. The outer cuff member is multiperforated at spaced points. A sponge-like material, like sponge rubber, is positioned in the space between the inner and outer cuff members. Separate passages communicate with the space occupied by the sponge-like material and the space between the tubular base member and the inner cuff member. Surgical fluid such as an anesthetic is introduced into the space with the sponge-like material, which absorbs it. Then air is pumped into the space between the tubular base member and the inner cuff member to expand the inner cuff member and, thus, compress the sponge-like material to drive the absorbed surgical fluid through the perforations in the wall of the outer cuff member to the adjacent walls of the body passage.

Double-wall surgical cuff
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February 25, 1982
Publication Date
November 29, 1983
Ostap E Baran
219 E. 12th St., New York, 10003
S C Yuter
A61M 25/00
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