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In a focusing position detection apparatus for detecting a focusing position by causing rays of light coming from a peripheral portion of an exit pupil of a photographing lens to enter a pair of self-scanning type photoelectric element arrays through a lenticular lens group and then detecting the difference of the phases of the output signals from the photoelectric element arrays, in order to cause the rays of light to enter accurately the pair of self-scanning type photoelectric element arrays, a pitch Po between photoelectric elements which constitute the pair of photoelectric element arrays is suitably changed relative to a pitch P between small lens element which constitute the lenticular lens group, and furthermore, in order to detect the focusing position accurately, the boundary areas in the convex surfaces of the small lens elements of the lenticular lens group are made opaque so that noises in the output signals of the photoelectric element arrays are reduced.

Pupil divisional focusing position detection apparatus using lenticula lens
Application Number
Publication Number
Application Date
February 1, 1980
Publication Date
November 8, 1983
Hideo Nakaoka
Wyatt Gerber Shoup Scobey & Badie
Ricoh Company
H01J 40/14
G03B 3/00
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