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An automated stock exchange in which a computer matches buy and sell orders for a plurality of stocks. An open board simultaneous trading environment is simulated through two stages. The first stage is an order accumulation period which is continuously in operation except for one stock in the second stage. The second stage is an extremely rapid sequential call through. All orders for a given stock are available to customers during the first stage. During the second stage market orders are matched with market orders, then market orders are traded against limit orders as the trading price changes within controlled ranges. The system will also process stop orders, and other specialized transactions.

Automated stock exchange
Application Number
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Application Date
September 15, 1982
Publication Date
October 25, 1983
Walter D Braddock III
70 W. Fairview, Springfield, 62707
Stern & Roberts
G06F 15/24
G06F 15/20
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