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A magnetic recording and/or reproducing apparatus has a tracking control device for performing tracking control by varying the height position of a rotary head which rotates to record and/or reproduce signals in an oblique track on a magnetic tape, according to a control signal applied to the tracking control device. The magnetic recording and/or reproducing apparatus comprises a detecting device for detecting the height position of the rotary head at a predetermined position within an angular range of the rotary head, where the rotary head does not make contact with the magnetic tape, and a control signal forming circuit for forming a control signal according to the output of the detecting device and supplying the control signal to the tracking control device to control the height position of the rotary head so that the height position becomes constant.

Magnetic recording and/or reproducing apparatus having a rotary head tracking control device
Application Number
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Application Date
February 17, 1981
Publication Date
October 25, 1983
Seisuke Hiraguri
Posnack Roberts Cohen & Spiecens
Victor Company of Japan
G11B 5/52
G11B 21/10
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