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The invention relates to a releasing circuit for a motor vehicle safety device having a piezoelectric acceleration sensor for delivering a signal which corresponds to the sudden deceleration of a motor vehicle when it collides with an obstacle. An evaluating circuit evaluates the output signal of the acceleration sensors. A switch releases the safety device through an ignition element starting from a predetermined release value of the output signal of the evaluating circuit. A checking circuit for the releasing circuit has a check pulse generator for delivering check pulses which are fed to the releasing circuit. The checking circuit, in addition to the check pulse generator 11, is connected to a reference pulse generator 12 that provides reference pulses which assume characteristic values in accordance with the check pulses which are evaluated in the releasing circuit. A comparator 17 connected to the error indication 22 compares the evaluated check pulses and the reference pulses.

Releasing circuit and checking circuit for a motor vehicle safety device
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February 3, 1982
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October 18, 1983
Alfons Wohrl
Sebastian-Kneipp-Str. 3, 8898 Schrobenhausen
Johann Spies
Schiesstatte 1c, 8068 Pfaffenhofen
Toren McGeady and Stanger
B60R 21/08
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