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A portable, body-worn pulsemeter which displays the wearer's pulse rate by processing signals corresponding to the pulse beat of the wearer. This device has a piezo-electric transducer adapted to produce an output signal responsive to the force produced by the wearer's pulsebeat. The output signal operates through other elements to produce a representation of the wearer's pulse rate at the display. The transducer has a piezo-bender element to which a transducer post is affixed, the post being adapted to contact the wearer's skin in the vicinity of an artery. The piezo-bender element is elastically mounted to a housing element that is maintained in firm contact with the wearer's skin, and the physical constants of the elastic mounting are selected to filter out higher frequency components of the forces applied to the transducer post, thereby greatly reducing extraneous noise. Multiple transducer arrays and circuitry are disclosed, which further eliminate noise from the displayed pulse reading.

Pulse measuring device
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August 20, 1981
Publication Date
October 18, 1983
David E Albert
Box 2700 - DUMC, Durham, 27710
Richard H Stern
A61B 5/02
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