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Directed jets of temperature controlled gaseous fluids are applied to irregularly shaped products, such as food portions, to subject discrete areas of the surface to a very high heat transfer rate and to cause these areas to be passed over surfaces of the product at a proper rate to obtain over-all surface effects such as crisping, browning, searing or freezing.

The cooking apparatus comprises a generator adapted to supply microwave energy for heating the interior of a food product in combination with apparatus to direct spaced discrete high velocity jets of heated air to impinge against exterior surfaces of the food product. A conveyor is employed to provide relative motion between each of the sources of heat and the product for averaging cooking through the product by reducing effect of RF standing waves and simultaneously sweeping the jets of air over the product at proper rate to heat all exposed surfaces.

Combined microwave and impingement heating apparatus
Application Number
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Application Date
July 22, 1981
Publication Date
October 11, 1983
Donald P Smith
4530 Woodfin Dr., Dallas, 75220
Monty L Ross
John F Booth
Gerald G Crutsinger
H05B 6/78
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