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The electric connector of the invention is of the so-called stratification type formed of an alternate stratification of layers of electrically conductive and insulating rubbers surrounded by zebra-like striped lateral surfaces and having a rectangular cross section in the same manner as in the conventional stratification type connectors. Different from conventional ones, the inventive connector is provided with a plurality of whisker-like projections of electroconductive linear bodies, e.g. carbon fibers or metal wires, which are the end portions of the linear bodies dispersed and embedded in the layers of the conductive rubber in alignment in a direction, on at least one of the striped lateral surfaces in the areas corresponding to the peripheral surfaces of the conductive layers. By virtue of the whisker-like projections, the inventive connector is readily combined with one or more of other connectors of similar type by merely putting them together side by side to establish very reliable electric connection between them because the end portions of the whisker-like projections of the inventive connector run into the conductive layers of the other connector in contact with the former.

Electric connector of press-contact holding type
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August 19, 1981
Publication Date
October 11, 1983
Masuda Haruhiko
Nogami Takashi
Hopgood Calimafde Kalik Blaustein & Judlowe
Shin Etsu Polymer
H01R 9/00
H01R 4/00
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