04407100 is referenced by 68 patents and cites 14 patents.

A window frame assembly which comprises a first intermediate frame member and a second intermediate frame member adapted to be inserted from opposite sides of a window opening to embrace the edges of the window opening. The first frame member has a locking channel extending about the periphery of its inner end and the second intermediate channel has locking tongues projecting inwardly therefrom which are adapted to be inserted within the locking channel of the first intermediate member. The second intermediate frame comprises a plurality of frame lengths connected to one another at opposite ends to form corners of the second intermediate frame. A locking tongue formed on each length terminates short of the corners of the second intermediate frame so that the locking tongues are independently flexible to facilitate the insertion of the locking tongues within the locking channels when the second intermediate frame is interlocked with the first intermediate frame in use.

Window frame assembly with frame shaped locking member
Application Number
Publication Number
Application Date
October 14, 1980
Publication Date
October 4, 1983
Alfred G Huelsekopf
Fetherstonhaugh & Co
Com Dor Supply
E06B 1/04
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