04406290 is referenced by 22 patents and cites 4 patents.

A wrist-type pulse monitor for providing a digital readout of the rate of a heartbeat comprising a sensor adapted to detect a heartbeat in a body region where a heartbeat pulse normally occurs, a transducer coupled to the sensor for transforming each detected pulse into an electrical signal, an oscillator for producing electrical pulses at a predetermined frequency, means coupled to the transducer and the oscillator for counting the number of oscillator pulses occurring between detected heartbeats, arithmetic means coupled to the counting means for converting the heartbeat counted oscillator pulses to a heartbeat rate and means for visually displaying the heartbeat rate in digital form.

Wrist-type pulse monitor
Application Number
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February 17, 1981
Publication Date
September 27, 1983
Patrick D Wright
7 Priors Ct. St. John's Rd., Woking, Surrey
Julian D Lynn Evans
5 St. John's St., Chichester, West Sussex
John H Walbeoffe Wilson
Colston House, Buckfastleigh, South Devon County
Sigalos & Levine
A61B 5/02
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