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A looped cannula for administering oxygen and consisting of a flexible hollow tube having apertures disposed along a preselected midlength of the loop and at circumferentially spaced locations so that once the loop is encircled about the head of the patient and the loop is preferentially tightened, there will be a continuous stream of oxygen through at least some of the apertures directed toward the nose of the patient. The loop is held in operative position by means of a mounting member in the form of a fabric which is located at the crown of the head and has portions extending toward the anterior of the head and terminating in mounting sections. Substantially upright portions are operatively connected to the fabric and also to the loop, such upright members being located closely adjacent the ear and holding the loop in its appropriate location. Oxygen is continuously supplied to the loop through both of the open ends by means of a single oxygen supply line which is fitted into an adapter. The adapter receives the oxygen in a chamber and supplies the oxygen from the chamber to both of the open ends of the loop.

Oxygen cannulae for continuous administration of oxygen, and its associated mounting structure and method for mounting same onto the head of a patient
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February 4, 1982
Publication Date
September 27, 1983
Phillip Bir
R.R. 5 Box 78, LaGrange, 46761
Larry J Palguta
John A Young
A61M 15/08
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