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A roller skate formed of a plate with an upper surface to receive a shoe and having a forward and rearward downwardly extending suspension housing, each housing having an opening therethrough, an axle extending through each suspension housing opening having means at each end for receiving a skate wheel, a first and second elastomeric member received in each suspension housing in spaced apart relationship, each of the elastomeric members having an opening receiving the axle, bolts extending through threaded openings at the top of the suspension housing, the ends of the bolts engaging the upper surfaces of the elastomeric members so that the compressive force applied by the elastomeric members to the axle may be adjusted by threadably positioning the bolts. Another arrangement includes each axle in two portions hinged in the middle so that each roller skate wheel is independently resiliently supported relative to the skate body.

Roller skate axle suspension
Application Number
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January 22, 1981
Publication Date
September 13, 1983
Robert C Gray
P.O. Box 15262, Tulsa, 74112
Head Johnson & Stevenson
A63C 17/02
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