04403432 is referenced by 44 patents and cites 17 patents.

Disclosed is a snow plow carried on the rear of a vehicle with its plow blade disposable in positions of raised or lowered elevation, and disposable in positions of traverse. The snow plow is so carried by means of a receiver carrying a tongue fixed to a pedestal assembly to which is fixed a pintle which freely carries a rotatable sleeve to which is fixed a first rectangular tubing pivotally mounted with a second rectangular tubing to which the plow blade is affixed. A winch cable engaged with the second tubing raises and lowers the plow blade upon operation of the winch. A clevis pin is engageable with alignable sets of holes through the pintle and sleeve to lock the plow blade in discrete traverse positions.

Trailer hitch snow plow
Application Number
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Application Date
February 17, 1983
Publication Date
September 13, 1983
Michael P Biance
7 Martingale Dr., Albany, 12205
Walter F Wessendorf Jr
A01B 65/00
E01H 5/06
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