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Symmetrical ends of a diaper are fastened by the use of hook and pile fasteners which are mounted on wings that extend laterally from the main diaper body. The hook sections of the fastener are substantially longer than the pile sections and face outwardly of the diaper so as not to irritate an infant's skin yet allow a large degree of adjustability. Elastic strips are sewn to the main body in the vicinity of the leg openings to make the diaper hug the legs of the infant. The diaper is composed of a plurality of layers of material which channel moisture to a central layer which is not easily contacted either from the inside or outside of the diaper. Quilt stitches can also be included to dissipate moisture along the entire length of the diaper.

High absorbency, contoured, reusable diaper
Application Number
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Application Date
October 21, 1980
Publication Date
September 6, 1983
Robin Redfern
6737 W. Costa Brave Rd., Las Vegas, 89102
Saidman Sterne & Kessler
A41B 13/02
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