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A novel press-contact type interconnector is proposed which is formed by comprising (a) a rectangular connecting piece of a woven cloth, the woof fibers being conductive and the warp fibers being non-conductive, having antisotropical electroconductivity in the direction substantially parallel to one edge line thereof and (b) a couple of holder members made of an electrically insulating material holding said rectangular connecting piece as sandwiched therebetween in such a manner that the two opposite peripheral portions of the rectangular piece along the edge lines perpendicular to the direction of the anisotropical electroconductivity are each extended out of the surfaces of the holder members in the direction forming an angle between 10.degree. and 80.degree. with said surface of the holder member by a height not smaller than the thickness of the rectangular connecting piece. The above described inventive interconnector is advantageous in the reliability of the electric connection without any special supporting means even when the printed circuit boards or display units to be connected with the interconnector are of a relatively large size where otherwise considerably large contacting pressure is required.

Application Number
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March 24, 1981
Publication Date
September 6, 1983
Ryoichi Sado
Toren McGeady and Stanger
Shin Etsu Polymer
H01R 9/09
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