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A front wheel suspension for a motorcycle including at least one first linkage in the form of a four-bar linkage having an upper fork assembly pivoted to the vehicle frame and a lower fork assembly supporting the front wheel, the upper fork assembly and the lower fork assembly being connected with each other through front and rear arms which are both pivotable, and at least one shock absorber, wherein at least one second linkage is interposed between the first linkage and the shock absorber, the second linkage having an input part pivotably connected to the first linkage and an output part pivotably connected to one of the ends of the shock absorber, the output part being movable by a progressive displacement additional to a displacement of the input part with respect to a direction substantially effective for the shock absorber to exhibit the function thereof.

The shock absorber is operated at a larger increasing rate of the stroke thereof, the road irregularity following performance is further improved, the center of gravity of the motorcycle can be lowered by lowering the driver's seat, and the diving of the front wheel unit while braking can be reduced.

Front suspension for motocycle
Application Number
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March 12, 1981
Publication Date
August 30, 1983
Tokio Isono
Shinichi Miyakoshi
John L Shortley
Pamela S Burt
Irving M Weiner
Honda Giken Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha
B62K 25/04
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