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A means and method for implanting bioprosthetic material surgically, in humans or animals, is disclosed. The means comprise lengths of connective tissue such as cow tendons which are covered entirely or partially with a synthetic, looseweave mesh which is stitched to the tendon and which augments the strength of the finished heterograph (or xenograph) by permitting the existing live tissue to grow around the mesh to provide a living bond. Another implementation of the basic idea involves the use of planar patch material such as porcine pericardium to which the mesh is bonded on one side, or part of one side, this patch being used in various ways, for example, hernia repairs, dural patches, arthroplasties, tendon pulleys, gliding surfaces, and blood vessel anastamoses.

Means and method of implanting bioprosthetics
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June 10, 1981
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August 30, 1983
Kenneth Z Kurland
2 W. McCabe Rd., El Centro, 92243
Charmasson & Holz
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