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A clasp used with a swimming article for tightening a strap wherein the clasp comprises two main portions: a frame member formed of a resilient material having longitudinal recesses along two opposite sides of the frame member and having two cutaway portions formed on the same sides of the plane of the frame member and at diagonally opposite corners thereof, and a movable bar whose opposite ends are adapted to slide in the recesses in the opposite sides of the frame member and which is adapted to be inserted into the frame by passing the ends of the bar through the cutaway portions, and into the recesses. The movable bar is snap fitted while being placed on the diagonal of the rectangle with its ends engaging with the cutaway portions, and is capable of sliding along the longitudinal recesses. A clasp in accordance with this invention is particularly useful in a diving mask or flippers.

Clasp for swimming article
Application Number
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Application Date
January 21, 1981
Publication Date
June 28, 1983
Masatoshi Kasama
McGlew and Tuttle
Kinugawa Pacific Kabushiki Kaisha
A44B 11/10
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