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A support apparatus for infants is disclosed. The apparatus comprises a planar sheet fabricated from a relatively high pile material to which a Velcro fastener can be secured. Located on the planar sheet is a pillow member having a central aperture and a dependent outer flange which angularly slopes towards the central aperture. The bottom surface of the pillow has a central section for accommodating the neck of a child. The underside of the pillow has a Velcro fastener to enable positioning of the same on the surface of the planar member. Also included are left and right lateral support members which are emplaced at the sides of an infant when his head is emplaced within the pillow. The lateral support members also have Velcro backings to enable them to be selectively positioned on the planar sheet.

Orthopedic support apparatus for infants
Application Number
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Application Date
January 8, 1981
Publication Date
May 17, 1983
Stewart A Roston
681 River Ave., Lakewood, 08701
Arthur L Plevy
A47C 27/00
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