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A cable television system includes a minicomputer that responds to signals from viewers desiring to see particular television program material to provide a schedule video signal that is broadcast over a program schedule channel carrying a video signal representative of television programs to be broadcast, the time of broadcast and the channel where broadcast. The computer also provides selecting control signals that causes a particular television signal source, such as on a video tape cassette, disc or film, to provide a video signal that is coupled by a video switch controlled by switching control signals from the computer for modulating a television transmitter associated with a channel selected for broadcasting the selected television program material. A television signal combiner combines the signals from the different television transmitters for broadcast over a cable to the remote receiving locations. A viewer at a remote receiving location may select a particular television program for viewing by dialing a telephone number to connect the telephone at the remote receiver location by the telephone system to the minicomputer and then dial a number corresponding to the desired program on a schedule made available to each person at the remote receiving locations.

Selective viewing
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December 1, 1980
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April 26, 1983
Trevor Lambert
Charles Hieken
Adams Russell Co
H04N 7/16
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