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A coating and integral treatment for improving the biophysical stability of bioprosthetic devices after implantation, particularly with respect to calcification, and, specifically, a method for treating animal tissues, such as heart valves, to provide improved biophysical stability in allograft and heterograft transplantations. The increased stability results, in-part, from the creation of a three-dimensional matrix of a primary structural component of the prosthetic device and covalently attached calcification inhibitors. Other materials, some having additional stabilizing effects, may be utilized to form additional bridges or fill the interstitial gaps in the matrix. After implantation, the resultant modified device exhibits minimal surface for intramatrix growth of calcium phosphate crystals, and additionally, may inhibit platelet aggregation, enzymatic degradation and host rejection, while minimizing the risk of mechanical failure, in the host organism.

Coating for bioprosthetic device and method of making same
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September 19, 1980
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March 29, 1983
David T Cheung
147 N. Mission Dr., San Gabriel, 91775
Marcel E Nimni
2800 Neilson Way #908, Santa Monica, 90405
Fulwider Patton Rieber Lee & Utecht
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C14C 3/16
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