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An enzyme electrode based on an oxygen electrode and an oxygen consuming enzyme is described. The oxygen demand of the electrode is satisfied through an electrolytical oxygen production by means of an anode located close to the enzyme and the sensitive surface of the oxygen electrode. The deviation from a reference value, which could be constant or be formed by the signal from an enzymatically passive oxygen electrode, of the oxygen electrode signal, is used to control the electrolysis current in order to keep the oxygen activity in the enzyme electrode constant. The electrolysis current is used as a measure of the concentration of the substrate of the enzyme.

Oxygen stabilized enzyme electrode
Application Number
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March 3, 1981
Publication Date
February 15, 1983
Sven Olof Enfors
Markorvagen 2, S-191 41 Sollentuna
Fisher Christen & Sabol
C12Q 1/26
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