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A posterior chamber intraocular lens (34) is provided that can be utilized in a human eye. The posterior chamber intraocular lens (34) includes a fluid-expandable sac (40) for containing a fluid (42). The fluid expandable sac (40) includes a lens portion (36) and a valve portion (38) that extends through the sclera (16) of an eye (10) when the posterior chamber intraocular lens (34) is inserted into the eye (10). In an alternate embodiment, the fluid (42) is a liquid crystal material (52) that is used in combination with an electrode (54) and a microprocessor (56) for changing the index of refraction of the posterior chamber intraocular lens (48) and responds to the desired accommodation.

Variable power intraocular lens and method of implanting into the posterior chamber
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November 17, 1980
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February 15, 1983
Ronald A Schachar
1020 Highway 75 North, Denison, 75020
Ronald A Schachar
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A61F 1/16
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