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A multiple use container is made by modifications to a tapered wall, plastic, utility bucket and its associated lid. The parts may alternatively be specifically manufactured for the container. The utility bucket from which the container is made is of the type having reinforcing ribs about its upper sidewall. The bucket lid has a groove on its upper surface and a pair of concentric grooves on its lower surface. The bucket is cut along two horizontal lines to form a ring structure which may be split; an open top container; and a reinforcing ring which is inverted and placed around the upper edge of the open top container. The bucket lid is inverted with the upper edge of the open top container received in the single groove on what was the top of the bucket lid. Holes are placed in the lid. The ring structure is inverted and its rim is inserted in the outer concentric groove of the lid. An identical lid is placed on top of the inverted ring structure with the top edge of the ring structure received in the inner concentric groove of the upper lid. Webs on opposite sides of the bucket have holes in them which are used for receiving the ends of U-shaped clips to hold a series of stacked ring structures together.

Container element combination for seed sprouting or plant culture
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March 19, 1981
Publication Date
January 25, 1983
Thomas F Beckwith
223-14th Ave. East, Apt. 1, Seattle, 98112
Gregory W Moravan
David H Deits
A01G 9/02
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