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An image analyzer system includes a pipeline containing a given number of serially connected neighborhood transformation stages. Each stage includes a neighborhood extraction portion for sequentially accessing substantially all of the neighborhoods in a matrix of pixels constituting an image. Transformation control logic in each stage is operative for analyzing the pixels contained in the neighborhood extraction portion and provides a transformation output signal to the next stage in the pipeline. A central controller serves to program the stages to thereby define the type of transformation to be performed by the neighborhood transformation logic. Feedback means are provided for selectively coupling the output of the last stage in the pipeline to the input of the first stage. In one embodiment, the pipeline is loaded with all of the image pixels and the stages are reprogrammed before the pixels are recirculated through the stages thereby permitting a greater number of transformations to be performed than there are stages in the pipeline. In another embodiment, the feedback line contains indicia of the transformation output of a first frame of pixel data for comparison with succeeding frames to thereby detect changes therebetween.

Image analyzer with cyclical neighborhood processing pipeline
Application Number
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May 19, 1980
Publication Date
January 18, 1983
Stanley R Sternberg
Ann Arbor
Krass Young & Schivley
Environmental Research Institute of Michigan
G06F 15/20
G06K 9/36
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