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Anastomotic fitting for coronary artery bypass graft surgery having an assembly of components including a flanged tube having a longitudinal hole running therethrough and projections extending outwardly therefrom, an aortic wall attachment ring having a plurality of dual-tined anchors positioned about spacers on a closed ring, a graft fixation collaring having two component parts and having recessed circumferential grooves for accepting springs, ligatures, or split-ring clamps. At surgical implantation, all components of the anastomotic fitting engage together forming an integral anastomotic fitting where the flange of the flanged tube engages against an inside wall of an aorta, the tines engage the aortic wall from the outside wall of the aorta, and a saphenous vein or vascular graft engages between the tube and the graft fixation collar.

Anastomotic fitting
Application Number
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November 17, 1980
Publication Date
January 18, 1983
Robert L Kaster
2730 Vagabond La., Plymouth, 55447
Hugh D Jaeger
A61B 17/11
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