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Anastomotic fitting for coronary artery bypass graft surgery having an assembly of four components including a cylindrical tube having at least one ringflange locking indentation in an inflow end and a plurality of locking ring grooves in an outflow end, a ringflange having a central aperture and pluralities of long and short spikes, the long spikes engaging in the locking indentation, with a graft engaged therebetween, a fixation ring having a central aperture and a plurality of spikes positioned about the aperture, and a locking ring having an aperture with a plurality of locking ring ridges for engagement with the locking ring grooves. At surgical implantation an aortic wall having a hole therein engages between the ringflange and the fixation ring and is held in position by the spikes of the fixation ring, and the four components engage together forming an integral anastomotic fitting. A first alternative embodiment includes a three-component anastomotic fitting having a combination fixation ring-locking ring. A second alternative embodiment includes a four-component anastomotic fitting having a slightly flared end at an inflow end yielding a larger exposure of graft material at the anastomotic ostium.

Anastomotic fitting
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November 17, 1980
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January 4, 1983
Robert L Kaster
2730 Vagabond La., Plymouth, 55447
Hugh D Jaeger
A61B 17/04
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