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An improved athletic shoe having an injection-molded intermediate portion bonding a fabric upper portion and a rubber outsole portion, for improved fit and comfort, and decreased injury-causing fatigue, particularly adapted for use in the playing court-type sports such as basketball is disclosed. The injection-molded intermediate portion conforms to and partially envelopes the metatarsal area and the heel area of the wearer's foot, and has an intermediate portion which gives lateral support to the instep area of a wearer's foot, such that the shoe moves as a unit together with the wearer's foot. An elastic band is provided about the ankle opening, which is disposed in the area of the subtalar ankle joint, put into tension to retain the shoe upon the foot of the wearer as the shoelace is tied. An elastic collar is attached to the shoe at the ankle opening, and has a continuously-adjustable fastener, generally serving the ankle-supporting function of adhesive tape, without the associated problems of ankle taping. The shoe further includes means for reducing the incidence of inversion sprain, by effectively stiffening the lateral side of the ankle portion of the shoe, either by an inextensible T-shaped section extending to the top of the elastic collar, or by a pattern of diverging stitching in the elastic collar, preventing its vertical extension. The shoe is further provided with a sole surface configuration in the rubber outsole portion which includes a pattern of reinforced alternately obliquely disposed raised ellipses, for improved traction on wet playing surfaces.

Athletic shoe
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January 9, 1981
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January 4, 1983
Roger J Brown
Erik O Giese
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A43B 5/00
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