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A safety waterproof boot of molded plastics material is provided having an integral sole and upper, the upper including a toe portion and a metatarsal portion, a metallic plate provided in the sole portion and extending the width and length thereof and allowing for longitudinal flexing of the sole, a box-shaped rigid toe guard provided in the toe portion, a rigid arched metatarsal guard member extending laterally and having side portions connected to the sole plate, the trailing edge of the toe guard being spaced inwardly relative to the leading edge of the metatarsal guard and the molded plastics material extending between the metatarsal guard and the toe guard having a flexible hinge portion in the form of a reverse fold such that the trailing edge of the toe guard will pivot inwardly of the leading edge of the metatarsal guard when the toe portion of the boot is being pivoted relative to the boot.

Safety boot
Application Number
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Application Date
December 19, 1980
Publication Date
January 4, 1983
Hans R Scherz
458 Mount Stephen, Westmount, Quebec
Swabey Mitchell Houle Marcoux & Sher
A43B 23/00
A43C 13/14
A43B 13/42
A43B 1/10
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