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An envelope for a projection television tube includes a spherically curved electronic beam target surface spaced away from the neck of the tube, a larger reflective surface spherically curved concentrically with the target surface on an end plate located close to the tube neck, a target support that preferably constitutes a face plate for the envelope, and a hollow cylindrical spacer member for closing the side of the tube envelope and for holding the target support accurately spaced from the reflective surface. The ends of the cylindrical member and the abutting surfaces of the end plate and target support are all configured to provide joint interfaces between the elements that lie in spherical planes that are concentric with the target and reflective surfaces, so that slight lateral motion of the parts during assembly and handling will not affect tube projection optics, while the spacing between the target and reflective surfaces is precisely maintained in concentric relationship.

Projection televison tube and process for forming same
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February 17, 1981
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December 21, 1982
Henry E Kloss
174 Brattle St., Cambridge, 02138
Bacon & Thomas
H01J 29/24
H01J 31/00
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