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To make diapers having elasticized regions, unstretched segments of elastic ribbon are deposited on a first rotating roll which has vacuum holes in its periphery for attracting the body of a segment and a mechanical element for temporarily securing one end. The first roll rotates segments successively to a place adjacent a second roll which has a larger radius and, hence, higher peripheral velocity than the first roll. The second roll has grippers spaced apart by an amount substantially equal to the desired stretched length of the segments. The leading end of each segment on the first roll is engaged by a gripper on the second higher speed roll so the segment stretches after which a lifter on the first roll releases the trailing end for it to be engaged by a gripper to hold the stretched segment on the second roll. Quick setting glue is applied to the stretched segments and the top porous sheet material comprising the diaper is run in contact with the segments to pick them up. The exposed faces of the segments have glue applied and the sheet is superposed on a moving non-porous backing sheet on which absorbent pads have been deposited and a continuous diaper web is formed. The web is cut transversely and remotely from the segments and individual diapers are formed.

Apparatus for applying elastic ribbon segments to diapers
Application Number
Publication Number
Application Date
August 24, 1981
Publication Date
December 21, 1982
Edmund Radzins
Sheboygan Falls
Ralph G Hohenfeldt
Curt G Joa
B32B 31/08
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