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A status record system in which master record cards and a series of operation description status cards associated with each, is provided to furnish significant information with flexibility to inform a user of certain manufacturing aspects, involving for example, sales, inventory, material and supplies, the status of each being quickly ascertained and readily changed to maintain records as events occur to assist in coordinating the production of parts or mechanisms, status information being furnished by the size, shape, relationship and position of status cards with suitable indicia, readily observable to quickly pinpoint areas requiring attention and those which have been attended to as well as those which do not momentarily demand such attention, the indicia being arranged in a helpful relationship for information purposes.

Status record system
Application Number
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Application Date
July 22, 1980
Publication Date
December 21, 1982
Clyde E Ott
c/o Pace Precision Tool & Die Co., Inc., Ohio Ave., DuBois, 15801
Frank B Robb
B42F 21/00
B42D 15/00
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