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Disclosed is a dry or wet milling process for making fermentable sugars and high-protein products from starch bearing material, characterized by saccharification of the starch followed by recovery of fiber and other non-protein materials and of destarched protein as separate products, leaving a sugar solution that is essentially free of insoluble materials. The sugars are fermented to ethanol and carbon dioxide by the action of added yeast. After fermentation, the yeast is recovered for use in fermenting additional quantities of sugars supplied either for batch or continuous processing. The alcohol is then removed leaving a dilute solution of unfermentable soluble materials, and this liquid, in whole or in part, is recycled to preceding steps in the process.

Process for making fermentable sugars and high-protein products
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July 18, 1980
Publication Date
November 30, 1982
Carroll R Keim
50 Glenbrook Rd., Stamford, 06902
Albert F Kronman
C12P 19/20
C12P 7/06
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