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The head of a patient is held in place horizontally on the indexable sliding cradle of an X-ray scanner by a vertical ring encircling the head having radiolucent rests supporting the head behind the ears at the mastoid processes and beneath the eyes at the cheekbone area. Adjustable horizontally-projecting instrument support structure is carriage-mounted on an arcuate track in the ring between the forward rests and has a horizontally-bored instrument guide-holder of such density as to appear on an X-ray scan and positionable adjacent to the head with its horizontal bore in the plane of any indexable scanning section of the X-ray scanner. By scanning the head and adjacent guide holder, the holder may be positioned with its bore in the same plane as and on a line directed to a point of interest in the brain. Thereafter, the holder may be utilized to guide a surgical needle to the point of interest.

Cranial insertion of surgical needle utilizing computer-assisted tomography
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January 14, 1980
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November 23, 1982
Christopher J Moran
12559 Amersham Ct., St. Louis, 63141
Jean Y Barbier
7532 Warner Ave., St. Louis, 63117
Jerome A Gross
A61B 19/00
A61B 6/00
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