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A tape assembly process attaches semiconductor chips to a tape via thermocompression gang bonding and the tape is wound onto a reel. The tape is fabricated during its manufacture to have a plurality of spaced finger array patterns. The inner finger ends are located so as to mate with the bonding pads of a semiconductor device and are bonded thereto. A ring-shaped strip is included in each finger pattern that joins all of the fingers in each pattern into a unitary structure in which the fingers are accurately spaced. Where the ring joins onto the fingers, weakened regions are introduced and the side of the tape that contains the semiconductor device includes a recess that is in registry with the ring. A ceramic substrate that will ultimately mount the semiconductor device is provided with an array of conductor patterns that match the tape finger patterns. A layer of sealing glass is screened over the ceramic, so as to align with the ring. Then the tape fingers are thermocompression bonded to the metal pattern, so that a bond is created for each finger on both sides of the glass. The ring is then mechanically stripped away with the weakened regions determining where the metal will rupture. This leaves a finger element on each side of the glass ring with the underlying conductor providing electrical continuity. The glass ring can then be joined to a ceramic cover that has a matching glass ring. The assembly is heat sealed to provide a hermetic housing.

Process for hermetically encapsulating semiconductor devices
Application Number
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March 24, 1980
Publication Date
October 26, 1982
Carmen D Burns
San Jose
Neil B Schulte
James A Sheridan
Gail W Woodward
National Semiconductor Corporation
H01R 43/02
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