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A compound bow includes a pair of limbs that extend from opposite end portions of a handle member. Each limb has a free end portion which is rotatably and eccentrically mounted on a pulley. A continuous cable is reeved about the pulleys and extends between the free end portions of the limbs. The portion of the cable reeved about the pulleys includes devices for engaging sprockets of the pulleys in a manner to permit adjustments in the draw length and draw weight of the cable. A flexible portion of the cable extends between the pulleys and is arranged to receive the arrow. A rigid portion of the cable includes a pair of overlying rigid sections each extending from a respective pulley to the free end portion of the opposite limb. The flexible and rigid cable portions are aligned with the longitudinal axis of the bow to eliminate torque to the limbs at all times. The rigid cable portion is preferably fabricated of wire material to permit the intermediate portion of each section of the rigid portion to be bent laterally from the longitudinal axis of the bow. The bent intermediate portions are thus positioned in overlying relation and deflected laterally to prevent contact between the rigid cable portion and the arrow when the arrow is released from the bow.

Compound bow
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May 9, 1980
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October 12, 1982
Alex J Barna
1216 Crawford St., Dunquesne, 15110
John M Adams
Stanley J Price Jr
E41B 5/00
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