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An infrared scanner for sensing temperature is presented with the inclusion of a meter providing a digital read-out of the temperature. The scanner utilizes an infrared detector, scanning a field including a reference of known temperature and an object of unknown temperature. The scan is performed by a raster controlled by a horizontal oscillator and a vertical sweep circuit. During the scan, video signals are emitted from a video amplifier, which signals correspond to the temperature of objects within the raster. Delay circuits are provided in interconnection between the video amplifier, horizontal oscillator, and vertical sweep circuit for isolating video signals corresponding to the temperature of the reference and the object. A logarithmic amplifier receives such video signals and produces an output indicative of the temperature of the object as a function of the temperature of the known reference. A digital volt meter receives the output of the logarithmic amplifier and presents a digital read-out of the temperature of the object.

Direct reading temperature and circumferential tire monitor
Application Number
Publication Number
Application Date
February 11, 1980
Publication Date
September 14, 1982
Aurel V Stan
North Canton
T P Lewandowski
The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company
G01M 17/02
G01J 5/00
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