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Method and portable processor for storing and comparing sets of personal data relating to personal preferences and personality. First and second portable processing units each include a processor, a memory, an input device, a display device, and a connector. The owner of a portable processor can enter personal data via the input device of the portable processor in response to a questionnaire. The owner of that portable processor may then meet another person having a similar or identical portable processor storing that person's personal data. The two persons can interconnect the two portable processors by means of the connectors. Each portable processor transmits its data to the other and compares its stored data with corresponding data received from the other portable processor. Stored algorithms in each portable processor operate on the compared data to compute a score representing the degree of personal compatibility of the two persons and display the score by means of the respective display devices. In one embodiment of the invention, a first set of data is stored in a low power memory of the first processor and a second set of data is then entered via a keyboard on the first processor into the first portable processor. The program stored in the first processor is further capable of comparing the first set of data with the second set of data and displaying a resulting score without the necessity of connecting a second processor to the first processor.

Method and portable apparatus for comparison of stored sets of data
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June 13, 1980
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September 7, 1982
Edward A White
5780 Echo Canyon Cir., Phoenix, 85018
Cahill Sutton & Thomas
G06F 15/336
G06F 15/16
G06F 7/02
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