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Disclosed herein is a new and improved pole-branch holder sub-assembly for use in the construction of artificial Christmas trees. Specifically, the new pole-branch holder comprises an elongated cylindrical tubular member having selectively rotatable branch holder elements assembled therewith at predetermined elevations. The branch holders themselves are advantageously formed of high impact injection molded plastic and comprise sleeves, adapted to telescope the pole in close fitting relation thereto, having a plurality of integral uniformly spaced bosses with vertical bores therein, each of which bores are associated with cantilevered support channels extending radially outwardly from the bosses. The new pole branch holder sub-assembly enables an artificial Christmas tree to be assembled rapidly by user merely by dropping the pre-formed bent ends of conventional twisted wire branches into the well-defined, multi-axis support established by the combination of the vertical bore and intersecting channel. Ease of assembly is enhanced by appropriately coding the inner bent ends of the branches for each elevation of the tree with the branch holder located at that elevation.

Artificial Christmas tree
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October 3, 1980
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August 10, 1982
Ascher Chase
Virginia Beach
Mandeville and Schweitzer
General Foam Plastics
A47G 33/06
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