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A process is provided for preparing skinless liquophilic alcohol-insoluble polyamide membranes by preparing at a first temperature a solution in a polyamide solvent having a temperature coefficient of solubility within the range from about 0.01 to about 5 weight percent per degree Centigrade of an alcohol-insoluble polyamide resin having a ratio CH.sub.2 :NHCO of methylene CH.sub.2 to amide NHCO groups within the range from about 7:1 to about 12:1; inducing nucleation of the solution by controlled addition to the solution of a nonsolvent for the polyamide resin, under controlled conditions of concentration, temperature, addition rate, and degree of agitation to obtain a visible precipitate of polyamide resin particles which may or may not thereafter partially or completely redissolve, thereby forming a casting solution; spreading the casting solution on a substrate to form a thin film thereof on the substrate; cooling the film of casting solution to a second temperature sufficiently lower than the first temperature to precipitate polyamide resin from the casting solution; contacting and diluting the film of casting solution with a nonsolvent liquid, preferably containing a substantial proportion of the solvent liquid but less than the proportion in the casting solution, to precipitate polyamide resin from the casting solution in the form of a thin skinless liquophilic membrane; and washing and drying the resulting membrane.

Process for preparing liquophilic polyamide membrane filter media and product
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October 20, 1980
Publication Date
July 20, 1982
Frank Model
Dix Hills
David B Pall
Roslyn Estates
Pall Corporation
B01D 31/00
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