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A method for recovering and recycling animal waste materials permits the separation of the solids with a desired moisture content from the remaining liquids and finer solid particles and wherein the liquids and finer solid particles are converted into a high quality single cell protein by means of aerobic digestion so as to maximize the value and percentage of total solids reclaimed as well as to maintain excellent sanitation and minimize odors from anaerobic decomposition. The animal waste material is delivered from the barn or other suitable collection area by aerated aerobic water onto an inclined separator screen, at which point the waste material is incrementally advanced along the screen by a combination of shuttle-driven scraper blades and pressure pads so as to cause the excess moisture or liquid together with a minimal amount of the finer solids to pass through the separator screen while advancing the rest of the material off the end of the screen and from which it may be conveyed to a separate holding area. The separator mechanism of the present invention permits a larger percentage of the finer solid particles to attach to and remain with the larger solid particles which are recovered whereby to substantially increase the total digestible nutrient value of the solid waste material removed.

Method for recovering and recycling animal waste materials
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March 24, 1980
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July 6, 1982
Gerald P Frankl
187 McCook Lake, Jefferson, 57038
John E Reilly
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