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An appropriately shaped cavity, formed in a cut femoral bone shaft, is provided with a barrier or plug in its distal portion so that a cement in its liquid state may be injected into the cavity under pressure for causing the cement to flow into the small interstices of the bone forming the cavity.

A preferred method of inserting the plug at a predetermined depth in the cavity generally includes the steps of: (1) forming and retaining the plug in a die; (2) inserting the die containing the plug into the cavity to the predetermined depth; (3) releasing the plug from the die; and (4) injecting the liquid cement under pressure into the plugged cavity.

The device for placing the plug at the predetermined depth in the cavity generally comprises the die, an elongated body member, appropriately shaped so as to be inserted into the cavity and to which the die is detachably connectable, and a pusher member contained within the body member for releasing the plug from the die. Further, the body member is provided with a longitudinally extending scale for determining the depth at which the plug is to be released from the die.

Method of and device for placing a barrier in a cavity provided in a bone shaft
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October 20, 1980
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July 6, 1982
James D Baril
465 Canal Ct., Waterville, 43566
Demetrios D Raftopoulos
3703 Cherrywood La., Toledo, 43615
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