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A pair of limbs extending from opposite end portions of a handle member. Each limb has a free end portion upon which is rotatably and eccentrically mounted a pulley. A continuous cable is reeved about the pulleys and includes an arrow string portion extending between the limbs for receiving the arrow. The cable portions extend from the pulleys and through a cavity in the handle member where they are supported by idler pulleys. The pulleys are eccentrically mounted by devices that permit adjustments in the eccentric axis of rotation of each pulley relative to a limb to effect a change in the draw weight and draw length of the bow. Each pulley includes a pair of annular grooves positioned in spaced relation around the periphery of the pulley. A first and second set of slots extend radially through the rim portion of each pulley and into the first and second annular grooves respectively. The sets of slots are diametrically opposed on the rim. The cable is reeved about each pulley and positioned in a selected pair of slots so that a preselected amount of cable is positioned on the pulleys corresponding to a preselected draw length and/or draw weight of the bow.

Compound bow
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June 26, 1980
Publication Date
July 6, 1982
Alex J Barna
1216 Crawford St., Duquesne, 15110
John M Adams
Stanley J Price Jr
F41B 5/00
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