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A catheter introducer (15) includes a tubular component (20) with a pliable catheter (22) disposed lengthwise therein. The tubular component (20) is connected to an introducer cannula (52) that has been placed in a body passageway (65). Pressurized fluid is forced around and along the catheter (22) in the tubular component (20) to flow the catheter (22) into the body passageway (65). An enlarged proximal end (29) of the catheter (22) seats in a tapered portion (56) of the introducer cannula (52). The proximal portion (56) of the introducer cannula (52) becomes the connector for connecting the catheter (22) to an intravenous unit (70). In a modification, a Y component (32) has a needle (60a) in one leg of the Y for insertion into a body passageway (65) so that, after the needle (60a) is withdrawn, the catheter (22) may be flowed by pressurized fluid through the other leg of the Y component (32) into the body passageway. Additional modifications provide for forming the tubular component in a coil form (220) or in a U-shaped form (420). In all forms of the tubular component (20), the catheter (22) is stored in a configuration wherein no length of catheter (22) contacts any other length of the catheter (22) and the catheter is supported so as not to kink or double over during insertion.

Injectable catheter and method of placing same
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December 26, 1979
Publication Date
June 8, 1982
Raymond O Bodicky
St. Louis
Wegner McCord Wood & Dalton
Sherwood Medical
A61M 5/00
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