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A bench device to be used for static or dynamic measurement of muscular forces with suitable opposing force providing means. The device comprises in combination a bunk (2) vertically adjustable on a base (1) and at least one holder (39) for a static or dynamic opposing force providing means (4) displaceably arranged at said base (1), said holder (39) and bunk (2) being steplessly adjustable in relation to each other both vertically and in the transverse and longitudinal directions of the bunk (2). Hereby it is possible to make various muscular force measurements on both sitting and lying persons.

Device for measurement of muscular strength
Application Number
Publication Number
Application Date
March 25, 1980
Publication Date
June 8, 1982
Alf U Elmeskog
Minkvagen 13, S-754 60 Uppsala
Bacon & Thomas
G01L 5/02
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